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Come and see Europe's

largest exhibition of Garden Secret 4you®

and Eco Secret® pools and cellars.

The largest exhibition in Europe!

Have you already seen our new exhibition of innovative Garden Secret 4you® and Eco Secret® cellars and garden pools?

Come and try out our products and we will reimburse you for your travel costs up to €400 if you decide to buy our products Garden Secret 4you® or the pool*.

*a swimming pool with a minimum value of 15000€

Garden cellars

See the exhibition
Innovative, functional and beautiful space thanks to Eco Secret®!

Using the natural properties of the earth in terms of cooling, insulation and moisturizing, it creates ideal conditions for storing fruit, vegetables and preserves and keeping them fresh. The key is natural coolness with an ideal temperature and humidity range.

Our garden cellars make your dreams come true!

  • Idea

    We believe that the solutions of the future are firmly based on the past. Modern adaptations open the door to new possibilities.


  • Design

    The design is simple and the concept is the same throughout the series - comfort, the highest quality and modern equipment with which you will fall in love.


  • Functionality

    The main material is a laminate, which creates an aesthetic, durable and easy-to-clean surface. The complement is plywood - durable, light and naturally beautiful.


  • Plan

    An innovative and functional gadget for every garden. Hidden beneath the surface with a mysterious hatch.


  • Construction and assembly

    After assembly, it is practically invisible, and inside it is modern design, natural finishing materials and the best conditions to keep vegetables, fruit or larger purchases fresh.


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Garden Cellars: Modern and Functional Solutions for Your Garden

Garden cellars are becoming an increasingly popular feature in our outdoor spaces. Not only do they provide storage for food and drinks, but they also offer additional space for relaxation or gatherings with family and friends. Among the numerous garden cellar options on the market, those offered by Eco Secret stand out.

Innovative Eco Secret Garden Cellars

Eco Secret offers its customers innovative garden cellars from the Eco Secret range. They are made from durable materials such as laminate and natural plywood. Thanks to these solutions, the cellars are not only aesthetically pleasing but also functional and easy to install. The interiors of the cellars are equipped with spacious shelves, and access is facilitated by stairs with a handrail and LED lighting.

Discreet Nature of Garden Cellars

One of the advantages of Eco Secret garden cellars is their discreet placement within the garden. Installation takes place without the need for damaging plants or terrain, and once installed, the only visible element is an insulated entrance hatch. As a result, the cellar provides a discreet space that does not disrupt the appearance of the garden.

Variety of Models and Sizes of Garden Cellars

Nawi Design offers its customers a variety of models and sizes of garden cellars. In the Garden Secret 4you® series, there are three options available: BASIC – the smallest and most economical option; STANDARD – a medium-sized cellar, also available in a wine version; PREMIUM – the largest and most extensive proposal, with the option to order an additional RELAX SPACE module. In the Eco Secret series, we offer economical garden cellars.

Adapting to Individual Customer Needs

Eco Secret garden cellars have been designed with diverse customer needs in mind. Thanks to their modular construction, they can be easily adapted to suit individual expectations in terms of both size and functionality. Additional equipment elements or colour schemes can also be tailored to the customer’s request.

Pricing of Garden Cellars

The cost of a garden cellar depends on the chosen option and individual preferences of the customer. This allows everyone to choose a solution that best suits their needs and financial capabilities. It is also worth noting the quality of Eco Secret garden cellars, which guarantees long-term use.

In conclusion, garden cellars are a practical and aesthetic solution for those who value additional storage space for food, drinks, or other items. Eco Secret’s offer allows customers to choose the right model and size of cellar tailored to their individual needs and expectations.