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Triple configuration

With Eco Secret® you will take a significant step towards an eco-friendly lifestyle.


Using the earth’s natural cooling, insulating and humidifying properties, it creates the ideal conditions to store fruit, vegetables or preserves and keep them fresh. The key is natural cooling with an ideal temperature and humidity range.

Monitoring the right conditions is facilitated by an installed thermometer and hygrometer. All in all, the taste and texture of the vegetables do not change during storage and they retain most of their nutritional value.

  • Dimensions:

    657cm x 203cm x 217cm
  • Volume:

  • Materials:

    Laminate, plywood

  • Price:


Technical drawing

Comparision table

By opting for the multi module variant, you can choose the number of inputs to Eco Secret®. There is one possible entrance per module. With the mentioned multi module option it is possible to separate each module as a separate room, or to combine the modules into one space.